Anything you need to Know About Bitonic

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Bitonic was created in 2012 by the hands of the virtuosos Robert, Jouke, and Niels and operated with only seven employees. This company was created since Bitcoin is taking the world's attention, but a place or platform manages and optimizes it yet. Hence, this small genius group is making the breakthrough to provide a platform that able to facilitating the Bitcoin transaction in the easiest way but comprehended. Robert once stated that the fundamental reason behind Bitonic is to provide the best platform to cut off the complicated aspects such as the complexity of the Cryptocurrency per se and the time-consuming process in the transaction. Thus, Bitonic is partnering with a popular payment system in Netherland named iDeal to make the mission to provide the Crypto platform with easy access can become real.

The prediction from those smart people is coming true. Today, Bitcoin can be associated with gold in real life. The price is always getting higher with the constant pace. The other phenomenon is also boosting the popularity of Bitcoin. For example, Elon Musk's statements, the number one individual in Tesla and SpaceX, that are always looking forward and making the narration that Bitcoin is the real future for humankind. Right after Elon makes that statement and repeatedly mentions Bitcoin, somehow, its popularity and price significantly increase as well. 

Since you know how popular is Bitcoin, it is the right time for you to understand further about Bitonic. We will discuss it further in the below section.

What is Bitonic? 

Bitonic is an innovation in the crypto trade universe these days. It is also referred to as the famed Bitcoin dealer in the whole Netherland, particularly in Amsterdam and Baarn, in which they are headquartered. Bitonic first launched in Spring 2012 as the business enterprise that specializes in presenting an excellent platform for promoting or shopping Bitcoin in 

Europe. Their excellent popularity has ended in a successful promotion, which is acknowledged that till these days, they've bought more than 500.000+ Bitcoins from their platform. 

In 2017, Bitonic released their superior Crypto trade platform named BL3P, that fulfillment hit the Crypto marketplace till these days in 2021. Bitonic's main service is offering instant bitcoin purchases through iDEAL and Bancontact and bitcoin sales through SEPA transfers. 

Bitonic is the true solution for the merchant. Why? This platform facilitates the transaction using Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin to the conventional business that is usually using the fiat currency to purchase their product or service. Not only that, but Bitonic is also facilitating the funding or charity to the non-profit communities and organizations by using Bitcoin. The mission of Bitonic to make Bitcoin become the currency that able to be used on various platforms is truly not nonsense.

What are bitcoins, and what can I do with them?

Bitcoin, or are known as a cryptocurrency, is a kind of cash that absolutely virtual. With bitcoin, you could use it to shop for merchandise and services. But you do not want coins for that. Bitcoin is like an internet model of coins. But unfortunately, now no longer all shops be given bitcoin as a fee method. Even a few nations have banned bitcoin absolutely. However, a few corporations are starting to apply bitcoin to grow their company. For example, in October remaining year, the web fee service, PayPal, introduced that it might be permitting its purchaser to shop for and promote bitcoin.

Bitcoin is digital money. So, in case you need to store it, you want a virtual pocket. Each bitcoin is a computer document saved in a virtual pockets app on a cellphone or pc. Storage with this technique makes bitcoin extra realistic than cash. With a virtual pockets app, you could ship Bitcoin to different human beings. Also, they are able to ship for your virtual pockets. Every unmarried transaction is recorded in a public listing referred to as the blockchain. This makes it feasible to hint at the records of Bitcoins to prevent people from spending cash they do not own, making copies, or undo-ing transactions.

There are 3 fundamental methods by which people get Bitcoins. You can purchase Bitcoins for using real money. You could sell matters and get paid with Bitcoins and may be created using a computer. But remember, Bitcoin is banned in a few countries.

For the Bitcoin system, people could make their pc process transactions for everybody. The computer systems are made to work out complex sums. Occasionally, they're rewarded with a Bitcoin for the proprietor to keep. People set up effective computer systems to try to get Bitcoins. This is known as mining Bitcoin. But the sums are getting increasingly tough to prevent too many Bitcoins from being generated. But it wishes to be taken into consideration before you mine Bitcoin. If you commenced mining Bitcoin now, it could be years earlier than you got a single Bitcoin. You may want to end up spending extra cash on electricity on your pc than Bitcoin would be worth.

There are plenty of factors apart from cash which we consider precious like gold and diamonds. Bitcoins are precious because people are inclined to trade them for real items and services or even cash—some people like Bitcoin because the authorities or banks do not manage Bitcoin. People also can spend their Bitcoins pretty anonymously. Although all transactions are recorded, no one might know which account range became yours unless you informed them.

Every transaction is recorded publicly, so it is hard to duplicate Bitcoins, make faux ones or spend ones you do not own. It is feasible to lose your Bitcoin wallet or delete your Bitcoins and lose them forever. There have also been thefts from an internet site that permit you to keep your Bitcoins remotely. Bitcoins' price has going up and down through the years since it was created in 2009, and some people do not think it is secure to turn your actual money into Bitcoin.

Am I required to pay taxes on bitcoins?

Today, Bitcoin is associated with the property. Any transaction between two-men that using Bitcoin as the subject or the object for exchange will be taxed. Here is the detail of the activities that charge you with the tax fee:

  • Intentionally sell Bitcoin that belong to an individual or the third party
  • Sell Bitcoin, or buy from someone else
  • Buying something by using Bitcoin as the exchange currency
  • Selling Bitcoin and receive the goods as the exchange
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