The Do's And Don’ts of writing a captivating Academic Essay

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Do’s & DON'Ts

Writers often want to understand, as an example, if and when it's possible to use personal pronouns like I, we, and you? Essay writing helps exactly let you know what’s important and what’s not.

Due to the enormous amount of experience of writers, essay writing help based service eases the complex task to understand the Dos and Don’ts of essay writing.

Within the university, it's important to test the departmental guidelines for instructions and/or read widely to achieve a bearing of the alternatives discipline-specific scholars make. The following may be a chart that supplies the quality dos and DON'Ts of educational writing at university. 

A number of these points may vary counting on the expressive style and therefore the departmental guidelines. 

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When it comes to essay writing there are multiple things to be taken care of. 

Below are the few things that should not be done:

  • Avoid using slang, jargon, sexist language, or colloquialisms.
  • Do not use shortened verb forms (contractions) like they're, isn't, can't.
  • Do not use a common vocabulary, like have gotten, a lot, nice, the opposite thing.
  • Do not use conversational opening phrases, like Well, you see, Yes…, Let's travel.
  • Do not write I feel - especially not at the start of a sentence, i.e. Don't write, as an example, I believe James (2008) believes that warming will…
  • Do not use personal pronouns e.g. I, you, we (unless specifically required), i.e. Don't write we expect that you simply should be able to compete.
  • Do not use sweeping generalizations
  • Do not use bullet points or lists unless it's during a report.
  • Avoid waffling or repeating yourself.
  • Do not plagiarize (see the AWELU section on 'Academic Integrity').
  • Do not view granted that the spell check on your computer is accurate or will spot all spelling mistakes since, for instance, your spell check won't develop on whether vs weather.
  • Avoid posting direct questions. Whenever required ask questions just to have connections with the reader. 
  • Do not mix words and numbers unsystematically.

The quality of an essay writing help based service can be judged by their sample works. Also, the websites of essay writing help serve as one of the means to judge their credibility. 

After getting to know all the Don'ts, it’s important to know the Do’s as well. These are the very basic tips which will definitely help to write quality essays. Take assignment help if needed.

What to be done: 

  • Use formal language
  • Use the complete verb form instead, e.g. They are, is not, cannot
  • Make more formal vocabulary choices, e.g. Have found an excellent deal, attractive/ advantageous, the opposite issue/problem/notion/idea/topic, etc.
  • Leave out conversational phrases. Use appropriate connectors and introductory phrases.
  • Leave out I believe, e.g. James (2008) believes that warming will.
  • Be non-personal, e.g. It should be possible for everybody to compete.
  • Be objective.
  • Be clear and concise.
  • Check spelling, grammar, and punctuation etcetera.
  • Proofread and use a dictionary.
  • Ask somebody to proofread your text for you.
  • Convert questions into statements, as an example, the likelihood of carbon emissions being reduced is questionable.

All the above-mentioned factors lay a very major role in essay writing. Understanding these primary factors lets you have a clear idea of how to write the best essays with the richness of quality!

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